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Up until that weird interstellar meteor passed by

wholesale nfl jerseys from china great cheap jerseys It russian communism.And what about strasserism?The simplest of searches tells us its a strand of naziism that has actual socialist tendencies unlike Hitler who was a Keynesian. But he isnt free markets at all either, saying things like, “Whoever recognises the truth of the saying ‘Property makes free’, whoever affirms the necessity for a sustaining stratum in any satisfactory social order must look forward to the new order which will aim at the de proletarianisation of the people, and at our liberation from the social and economic monopolies under whose harrow no sort of freedom is possible.”Sounds pretty anti private property and free markets, no?Oh but what about stalinism?So as you can clearly see, fascism is independent of economics. It not inherently right wing or even left wing.Right, fox news commands a lot of support from the right wing since it is seen as the only bigtime mainstream right wing site in a sea of liberal media sites. great cheap jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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